Riverdale Christian Church Pastor’s 18th Anniversary

Pastor John Clark

Preview YouTube video Joe Namath Medicare Commercial

Joe Namath Medicare Commercial


“Attention! The creator of all things has already offered the full C (Christ) benefit to all who are willing to receive .To get the benefits no one deserves, you can call on the Lord right now. Confess with your mouth that Christ  is Lord and believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead. Benefits include but are NOT limited to salvation, deliverance, and peace.”

ADVOCATE VIDEO SCRIPT – Two advocate videos attached; however, select only one for commercial. This immediately follows intro. 

“Hi. I’m here to tell you about the Full C Benefit. Because of God’s love, it is available to all who are willing to receive. I confessed with my mouth Jesus is Lord and believe with my heart God raised him from the dead. I put into practice what I’ve received, heard, and seen in him. Now I have salvation, deliverance, peace, and everlasting life. Call him on the mainline today. He paid it all on the cross for you!”

REMIX FULL C OUTRO – Outro image is displayed as audio plays and immediately follows advocate video. Outro audio and image attached. The scripture in image will hopefully be visible in larger viewing screen.

Outro Image


“Don’t delay! Christ made the ultimate sacrifice to show his love for you. This is not insurance. It is blessed assurance. Don’t worry. The price has already been paid on the cross.”